Conclusion for Senior Exit Portfolio

Renee Bynum




Now it comes to an end. This is the conclusion of my project and my senior year in high school. Although it was difficult and the road to graduation was tough I still had fun. In my honest opinion this course was a joy to complete. I enjoyed expressing my thoughts in an organized fashion and being involved in group discussion. Through the course of this class I have learned how to better express my thoughts and how to convey my opinions on paper. This year has been my best and most insightful year of high school. Thank you for viewing my portfolio I hope it offered you a deeper look into AP Literature.

About My Independent Work for Senior Exit Portfolio

Renee Bynum


About My Independent Study


1.      During this year I have completed many tasks. The first I would like to outline are my Major Works Data Sheets. Each of analysis was done on a book we read outside of class. Upon completion of the book you and your group research the literary work and to a report of sorts. Each page outlines a different aspect of the book giving its reader a deeper understanding into the text. It also gives its writer a more in depth look into what they have just read.


2.      During the summer each student was required to read three books. One of the three was the novel Sula. Upon returning to school we were given the task requiring us to write about a coming of age novel. Because I had such a deep insight into the novel Sula I chose it. My assignment was entitled the representation of childhood in Sula.


3.      After reading the novel 1984 by George Orwell we were given a story assignment of our own. Each student was required to write a short story after reading the novel. Your story was supposed to be your version of the world Orwell described. Your story could either be a Utopia or a Dystopia like in the novel. I in particular chose a dystopian universe in which to write my short story.

Educational Philosophy for Senior Exit Portfolio

Renee Bynum


Education Philosophy


As a senior at Riverdale High School I believe education is a pivotal goal for students on the path to a higher education.  I pride myself on my love for learning and my thirst for knowledge. Knowledge is power and because I strive for knowledge I feel like I am the most powerful being on earth. Although I have this intensity I still have more to learn which guides me in my quest for enlightenment. Because of this quest I have devised the perfect way of being taught and also teaching myself and others.

I am a visual learner therefore I prefer to see what I am learning rather than just listening to a lecture. In looking at what I am learning I gain a deeper understanding into what is being taught. This style of learning and teaching contributes to the fun of learning the fundamentals of life. I feel that education is the foundation of a person’s entire life for without education one can never achieve true enlightenment.


Personal Goals for Senior Exit Portfolio

Renee Bynum


Personal Goals


After receiving all A’s my senior year at Riverdale High School I plan to graduate and spend my summer preparing for my fall semester at one of the three colleges I have been accepted to. I also plan to volunteer at an animal shelter or animal hospital to gain some hands on experience before school begins in the fall. I will also spend time with friends and get myself prepared for my new start. Of course that means shopping for things to put in my dorm and books for my courses. After the summer is over I plan to buckle down and get to work.

In 5 years I will have graduated with my bachelor’s degree in pre-veterinary medicine. I will have also pasted the MCAT and be in veterinary school. I plan on working hard to graduate in the next four years as a DVM.

In 10 years I will have graduated Vet School as a DMV. I will own my own home and have a practical reliable car. I will just be starting my family and adopting a family pet. I will also be volunteering at an animal shelter as much as possible. I intend on having my own animal hospital as well and living a long happy animal loving life.

Career Essay for Senior Exit Portfolio

Renee Bynum


My Future Career


At the tender age of three I knew where I wanted to go in life. Most little girls would say they want to be a princess or a ballerina but this girl said she wanted to be a veterinarian. My fascination with animals was established when my Father and I adopted a family of squirrels. Caring for those small fuzzy creatures fueled my fire to become a veterinarian and restore the health of every animal I can. As the years passed my flame grew brighter and the love I felt for animals blossomed.

            My first encounter with animals was the family of squirrels but since then I have had a variety of animal companions. These pets were a part of my family and I spent every waking moment taking care of them. In all I have had 2 dogs, 6 cats, 3 mice, a rabbit, a hamster, a guinea pig, 2 pythons, an iguana, 8 frogs, 5 turtles, 8 finches, 2 doves, 5 parakeets, 3 love birds, 3 ducklings,  and a praying mantis. Some of the animals I nursed to heath and set free, others I rescued and put them up for adoption, and some were my pets. I spent my time with my animals and researched anything and everything under the sun about them.  All in all I have been caring for animals my whole life and I want to continue this with my degree.

            Most people go to college graduate and start their career not because they have passion but because of the check.  Of course money is an important aspect it shouldn’t be the most important. I want to wake up every day and go to work with a smile on my face because I am passionate about what I do. Simply put it’s not about the money. Getting paid foe living out my dream is only a bonus. My goal in this career is to provide animals with an affordable place to get treated. I know how it feels for that fuzzy member of your family to be hurting and need help and you can’t provide it. I want to feel the satisfaction of seeing that families face light up when their furry friend is rehabilitated and ready to play.

            To show my commitment and drive to this line of work I have taken ever opportunity possible to further my knowledge. On my own I study various animals. More specifically their habits and care requirements. At school I am in anatomy and have taken 3 years of agriculture. I am an active member and officer of FFA which helps me compete in agricultural events that could potentially get me scholarships and also look great when applying to vet school. As a soon to be major in animal science I have gone to seminars and spoken with veterinarians and students in vet school to help plan out my course of action so I can complete school more efficiently. As you can tell this is my passion and nothing can keep me away from my goal.

            To me a career is more than just a means of payment but an extension of myself.  I want to follow my passion and be the best at what I do. I intend to be profitable but I am not doing this for the money.  I am always learning and furthering my knowledge for this course of life. This is what I want to spend my life doing and I aim to help every animal humanly possible. My future career is my passion, my passion is my life, and my life is healing the animals of the world.







Introduction for Senior Exit Portfolio

Renee Bynum




Hello everyone welcome to my Senior Exit Portfolio. I am Renee Bynum the creator of this portfolio and a graduating senior of the Class of 2014 at Riverdale High School. This portfolio is compilation of various literary works that I have completed over the course of this year in my AP Literature class. The purpose of this compilation is to give you a glimpse of what I completed and learned in my literature class this year. I hope this assignment will give you a deeper understanding into how I add a colorful and insightful aspect to my writing.

Table of Contents for Senior Exit Portfolio


Table of Contents


1.       Introduction: Brief summary about myself and my work


2.       Career Essay: Essay of the career I intend to purse


3.       Resume: Description of my work experience, skills, and accomplishments


4.       Social Issue Documentary (Power Point, Research Paper): Research on a social issue


5.       Personal Goals: A short explanation of my future goals and plans


6.       Educational Philosophy: Description of my morals and values of education


7.       Independent Work: A compilation of what I have completed this year


8.       Conclusion